Sports Injuries

Physically active people come in all ages shapes and sizes.  Some exercise daily while others once a week or two.  As a result many injuries occur based on two  major factors.

  1. Over use or over training.  That is when someone does a sport or exercise so much that they over work the body and it reacts with pain and inflammation.  These injuries often are chronic and repetitive in nature  and can last for many weeks or months.
  2. Injuries. While this category is obvious in some bad traumas, its not so clear when pain starts a few days later.  Injuries that are severe often require immediate emergency attention.

Others such as a pulled muscle or sprained tendon or ligament can worsen over time.  Many sports injuries are successfully treated with natural conservative approaches.  Treatment will focus initially on helping the pain, but will always include a review of the way the activity is performed to help prevent future occurrences.