Health Tips

Here is a list of 20 eating habits to make part of your lifestyle. Put them to use today, and you’ll find that you have increased energy along with considerable weight loss!

  1. Eat more in the morning and less as the day goes on.
  2. In the evening eat some light protein (chicken, lean steak or fish), salad, vegetables of any kind and low starch. Just a little rice, whole wheat bread, etc.
  3. Keep caloric intake to around 1800-2400 per day. Most Americans consume 3000-5000 per day and are wondering why they are not losing weight.
  4. Eat fruit in the morning. It is when you body can handle it the best.
  5. Drink water all day. It speeds up your metabolism.
  6. Do not drink sweetened iced teas, sweetened coffee drinks, or canned juices of any kind. They are loaded with 13 MG-40 MG of sugar per can. Sugar increases insulin levels and that results in added weight.
  7. Lower the amount of starches in your diet-  potatoes, rice, bread and pasta.
  8. Choose a diet that consists of 50% protein, 30% carbohydrate and 25% fat.
  9. Eat live foods every day (fruits and vegetables)
  10. Eat organic (foods that do not use pesticides or artificial means of ripening)
  11.  Organic foods can be found in farmers market or Whole Foods Market.
  12. Limit the amount of low fat or non fat foods, which replace fat with sugar, and gets processed as fat in the body.
  13. Do not buy foods that have trans fats, high sugar content, or chemicals added after the main ingredients.
  14. Eat constantly throughout the day.  Not two or three large meals. Keep you body fueled.
  15. Order extra vegetables or fruit, instead of a potato, rice or bread with a meal when eating out.
  16. Get more comfortable without adding sugar to tea or coffee. It takes 1-2 weeks.
  17. Drink less soda and sweet drinks. As few as 2 or 3 sodas or sweet drinks will keep 10-18 extra pounds on. Soda’s are known by all doctors as “Osteoporosis in a Can. ” Stop now!
  18.  Eggs, protein shakes, nuts and seeds are good extra sources of protein.
  19. During the weekend, make chicken, turkey, steak, fish, veggies, etc. and put them in containers to take with you to work through the week.
  20. Snack on dried fruit, almonds, walnuts, lean jerky, grapes, raisins, fruit, olives, lean crackers.

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